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Your 15 minutes of fame. Make it 24 hours. Everyday.

Make use of having a 100% focused public in an unique opportunity to promote your products and services. With a fully synchronized array of tablets you will place yourself in the sweet spot to charm your audience. With your speech. With your images. With your videos. All-in.

Memotec game revisited. With your catalog.

So you have a wonderful catalog. And you would like to help your customers to learn the products that you will be glad to offer to them. Well, just make use of our Memotec - memory game, and visually associate each product's image to the product's name, all of it beautifully branded with your company's logo. And let your customers play and know your catalog. While they enjoy.

Yes, it's amazingly powerful.

Rich interaction. Right now.

Your audience will be sourronding you while you expose the features and qualities of your products and services. Guaranteed. Then, take a picture of your public, record a video with them and send it to your TabletWall, so others will be able to see them. Broadcast the good news!

Create meaningful content for your social media

To create a good, engaging content for social media is often a hard task to accomplish. But what if you could be able to directly upload the recently taken picture or recorded video into your social media accounts? Keep your online audience as updated as the in-person audience is. Spread the good word.