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Make your content truly native mobile

Intermitent network connection zones are often found even while in the city; Konteino brings its world-class, truly native technology to allow a full browsing of the downloaded content even while offline. Now, try that with any of those shell-apps that just have embedded a responsive website inside. You should not fear the airplane mode!

Full control on a wonderful platformless experience

Design and update the whole User Interface from your own mobile device. Simply access our amazing mobile UI editor (WYSIWYG) and push your new design to all your users... in real time!. And even better, there is no technical knowledge required, no HTML involved. Almost everything in these truly native applications can be customized, anytime.

And everything running in your own infrastructure. No monthly fees -of course.

A configurable menu item linking to where you want it to

The Konteino app integrates with a web view of your choice as a vehicle to let your users to interact with your Instagram profile, your Facebook page or maybe your e-commerce site to increase sales. You can even periodically switch among them at your will.

Location! Location! Location!

Beyond trying to drive the biggest number of virtual visitors to your web, take advantage of being in every user's pocket and drive them... to your actual locations! You will display them in the applications map and you could even send a notification message to each user that approaches a specific location. Unleash your promos for your real visitors!