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Show up in the new Google: the App Stores

Conthly is our low-cost, yet full featured solution to make your professional or personal brand to shine in the App Stores. Per a monthly fee, we will publish the Conthly app in the App Stores with your own identity, and then you will dinamically manage its content and design.

Conthly or Conthly - Revenue Sharing?

We offer two flavours: Conthly aims to be published in the App Stores to be downloaded for free; Conthly - Revenue sharing will ask a price per download and therefore it will generate a revenue that we will share between us.

For the content creators and fundraisers out there

We can see everyday a lot of influencers, bloggers, instagrammers, etc. that create and distribute curated content to their huge amount of followers.

Conthly - Revenue sharing is a tool for them to be able to generate a direct revenue from the downloads of their apps. For a incredibly low monthly rental fee, we will publish al four Conthly apps in the App Stores and we will share the net revenue.

A streamlined self-publishing process

You will set the pace to walk the path to make it to the App Stores. You will create your first iteration of content and design, and send it to a temporary app and then modify it until you will be satisfied with it.

Once you are ready, you will fill up a simple form to request the publishing of your app.