Available For

Would you like to enjoy your own mobile application?

Do you have scheduled any special event where you would like to make an long-remembered appearance? Bardos is a truly native, content-driven disposable app that you can rent per device type and per day. Just define your rental period and the type of device that you would like your Bardos instance to be available to, and in a few minutes you will be good to go!

Bring a whole new experience when you need it.

  • That special fair where you want to show your company's products and services, now with a biiig splash!
  • Ah! That marketing campaign for christmas. With such a carefully selected content, hand picked, specially crafted... it deserves a dedicated marketing channel. Make that campaign to shine.
  • That whole family's special meeting to celebrate. That couple being together for so long. So many memories to share... This would be an special present!

In the driver's seat

Now, you have to decide: navy blue or olive green? If you would like the colors to be that specific way -now you can do it. And you want the "Images" section to be named "Pictures" and to have all these categories -now you can do it.

mmm wait! Now that I see it in my hands, before I send all the invitations out, I would like to change that section name back to "Images"... Hey! just do it!

No infrastructure. No hassle

We take care. You will not need to do anything special to create your own instance of the Bardos application. You could focus just on what it matters the most: the content that you want your users to have access to, and the look and feel of your app. With ease, and with immediate results.